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The most trusted and consistent cloud backup solution in the Middle East — Powered by Veeam

Pacific Controls Cloud Services (PCCS) understands the importance of data in today’s digital world and always strive to provide a consistent cloud backup solution to its customers.

Veeam® Cloud Connect, the next-generation, cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup solution, bridges the data Availability Gap by delivering the best recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) for ALL applications and data for all sectors and organizations in the Middle East.

In today’s world, inter-connected organizations that share data with each other, can’t afford to lose data by accident or malicious attack. This is a true threat to businesses in light of the recent ransomware attacks affecting organizations globally.

Do you want to protect your valuable data from such malicious attacks?

If yes, then backup your valuable data on the largest Tier-III certified data center campus (facility & design), equipped with state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure powered by Veeam Cloud Connect.

Why Veeam Cloud Connect hosted in the (PCCS) data center?
It seamlessly gets our customers’ backups off site to a multi-tiered cloud repository on a subscription-based model. Customers from the large pool of organizations are undergoing or have achieved digital transformation require further seamless, efficient and secure backup solution.
What’s most important?
Cloud Connect also makes it easy to recover data from cloud backups — instantly. Simply browse your backups online and restore exactly what you need, whether that’s an entire VM or an individual email or spreadsheet.You don’t have to download backup files. Simply, recover data from cloud backups and browse your backups online on the fly; it could be your VMs or any other file.
Affordable and efficient cloud-based disaster recovery solution — Powered by Veeam

DR helps companies to increase the Availability of IT infrastructure in modern data centers by leveraging replication technologies and creating standby replicas of VMs off site. However, replicating VMs is only part of the problem to solve. To make it a proper service, both end users and service providers need a solution that has a complete set of features and capabilities that go beyond replication.

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication is a fast, secure, cloud-based DR solution that brings Veeam’s cloud technology to the next level. VM replication with Veeam Cloud Connect is easy to use and simple to set up, thanks to a single TCP port connectivity protected by a secure, reliable SSL/TLS connection from the customer to the DRaaS provider.

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication makes it easy, simple and transparent to offer DRaaS solution and Veeam customers to take advantage of the same. This way, IT departments can truly leverage the benefits of hybrid cloud architecture without sacrificing that critical, direct line of communication and personal relationship with the DRaaS provider. IT departments then shift this responsibility to a service provider they know and trust, while retaining the ability to configure and consume the service the way they want.

Veeam Cloud Connect — with advanced, image-based VM replication — provides fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR solution.

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