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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

PCCS’ hosted Microsoft Dynamics® CRM provides your business with a powerful online CRM tool to support your customer relationship management strategy. Easy to deploy and customizable, PCCS-hosted Microsoft Dynamics® CRM service allows you to gather, in a single application, information from a variety of sources giving you a real-time global view of your business, from leads to after-sales.

Key features include Sales process automation and management, Customer service automation, Organizing and coordinating marketing campaigns, Workflows & approvals, Reports and personal dashboards, Integration via web services & Mobile access.

Benefits of using PCCS-hosted Dynamic CRM to Manage the Sales Process, Marketing & to offer excellent Customer Service:

  • Keep track of every sales prospect
  • Establish follow-up processes and automated lead routing
  • Keep existing customers informed of new offerings
  • Manage existing customer data
  • Track activity and interaction for each account
  • Cultivate customer relationship with targeted communications
  • Automate sales activities
  • Improve lead handling and routing
  • Improve team collaboration by synchronizing CRM with Outlook
  • Analyze sales performance in real-time with advanced dashboards
  • Track sales pipeline
  • Use built-in reports to forecast sales
  • Access data through web-enabled devices
  • Stay connected and respond to your customer while on the road
  • Improve productivity level using real-time data anywhere, at anytime
  • Turn customer data into competitive advantage
  • Predict customer behaviors based on preferences and interactions
  • Create intelligent lists to identify potential customers
  • Plan, execute, and optimize each marketing activity
  • Measure interest level and quickly track response rate
  • Focus your efforts on the most effective marketing channels
  • Enhance productivity level using personal, team or organizational workflows
  • Create and manage budgets, monitor costs, and track campaigns
  • Generate real-time performance reports
  • Evaluate results to properly fine-tune your campaigns
  • Identify trends and forecast performance
  • Access real-time data through web-enabled devices
  • Create or update marketing campaigns anywhere, at anytime
  • Analyze, update, and assign leads while on the road
  • Enhance productivity by accessing customer data through a single application
  • Manage cases across multiple channels, including phone, email, and in-person
  • Keep track of your priorities by labeling cases by level of importance
  • Get instant and real-time information on the number of issues being resolved
  • Know how many and which representatives are involved with specific issues
  • Standardize support activities with automated routing, queuing, and escalation
  • Automatically assign cases to specific agents
  • Improve team collaboration by synchronizing CRM with Outlook
  • Monitor processes with dashboards and scorecards
  • Use historical and predictive analytics to raise customer satisfaction
  • Track and measure service performance
Choose your Package Professional
Access Rights Online & Offline
Storage Space 20 GB
Email Router
Outlook CRM Toolbar
CRM Web Access
Customized Work Space
Workflow Tools
Sales Module
Marketing Module
Customer Service Modules
Reporting Tools
Multi-currency support
35+ languages supported
Hosted at Tier III Data Center in UAE
DigiCert SSL
Pricing (per user/month) AED 275
All services are charged on a monthly subscription basis